The Civil Aircraft Register of the Republic of Cyprus

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1 Registration
2 Type
3 Manufacturer’s Serial Number [c/n]
4 Previous identities, most recent first
5 Date of first registration in Cyprus
6 Certificate fo registration number
7 Mode-S (ADS-B) code
7 Owner
8 Official base
9 Notes, including C of A status


By law, an aircraft can only be cancelled from the Cyprus register by the registered owner. Where the owner has gone bankrupt, the aircraft cannot ever be cancelled, which partly accounts for the huge proportion
of non-current aircraft on the register. All the Bell 47s are believed to have been destroyed or scrapped in Saudia Arabia many years ago, for example.
The aircraft indicated in red are currently airworthy.
Mode-S codes: Cyprus only allocates these on demand so those listed above are all that are known to be allocated to current aircraft.
Data current at the end of August 2012 with thanks to the Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation.
Any additions or amendments gratefully received by Robert Swan at Freelance Aerospace Writers: <>